Strategies for Improving Campaigns

Successful campaigns share the following traits:

1. Support and endorsement of the campaign from top management and union leaders.

2. Opportunity for education about participating partners and their member organizations through: agency tours, volunteer opportunities, charity presentations, online information, and brochures.

3. Campaign design matches the culture of the company.

4. It is fun and informative involving employees in many creative ways.

5. Training and support is provided for coordinators and key people working on the campaign.

6. Adequate planning time for the teams involved in putting the campaign together. Employee committees help create employee ownership of the campaign.

7. The campaign is promoted and explained to all employees.

8. Employees are personally asked to participate.

9. Solicitation activity is limited to a 2-3 week period for a department or worksite.

10. Periodic reporting during the campaign to key people and solicitors informed of the progress

11. Donors are thanked.

12. Key people and solicitors are thanked and have an opportunity to hear the outcome of the campaign.

13. A good campaign connects people to people – employees to other employees, leaders to employees, and donors to the charities they support.