Coordinator Tips


  • If you are the lead Coordinator for your worksite, meet with the participating federations to help develop the campaign plan and materials.
  • If you’re Coordinating a department or particular site, review the campaign materials so you can answer questions from fellow employees.
  • Attend trainings to learn more about the campaign and the participating organizations.
  • Always call the federations involved if you have questions.


  • Incorporate a presentation about the campaign into one of your regular staff meetings or invite staff to a special informational meeting.
  • Call the federation to schedule a speaker – either a representative of Community Shares and/or one of its member nonprofit organizations. The speaker can be very brief if needed.
  • Hearing from one of the nonprofit organizations is a great way to learn first-hand about the important work that Community Shares member groups are doing and how workplace donations make a difference.
  • It can also be very effective to have one of your own employees speak about a nonprofit they support.
  • Personally hand out pledge forms to your coworkers. This increases the likelihood that they will participate in the campaign.


  • Send an email message promoting the campaign. Community Shares can provide sample documents such as, Management Endorsement letters, What Your Gift Will Do, and other resources.
  • Display general campaign and federation posters in prominent areas.
  • Announce the campaign in your company newsletter or on your Intranet (Federations can help provide sample articles and stories from the member nonprofit organizations).
  • Plan a special event to raise visibility and money for the campaign. Your event may be as simple as selling bagels or as elaborate as a karaoke contest. Special events help raise the visibility of the campaign and may get more employees engaged.


  • Send thank-you notes to any campaign committee volunteers.
  • Complete the report envelope and return it along with all completed pledge forms and checks to the federations.
    Send payroll contribution forms to your payroll coordinator.
  • Share the success of the campaign with your co-workers through email and announcements at a staff meeting.