Online Pledge Solution

i-Pledge is an online e-pledging system designed specifically for combined workplace campaigns that works equally well for a single federation option. With robust real-time reporting, Excel data export, online searchable charity catalog, year to year comparison of campaigns, and graphical analysis tools, i-Pledge is a complete e-pledging package that is extremely affordable.


iPledge provides an online pledging option for your company’s employee giving campaign. Donors are able to make informed giving decisions with links to nonprofit websites at their fingertips.

iPledge extends our mission of connecting people with the charities they care about most.


iPledge eliminates mistyped charity codes, illegible writing, misallocated funds and more. With iPledge, all your combined campaign organizations are online and searchable, reducing the number of booklets you need to support your campaign. With Excel data export, all online pledges can be imported into other databases.


iPledge was created specifically for combined campaigns, allowing you to run one online pledge system accommodating all your charity partners equitably. It also works well as with a single federation partner. It provides tools for Coordinators so they have all the information to thank donors and follow-up with those that haven’t yet pledged without the need to gather paper pledge forms.