Benefits of Workplace Campaigns

Benefits of Workplace Campaigns

Workplace giving benefits more than the nonprofit organizations who receives the employees’ gifts. It is also a benefit to employees, — an easy way to learn about, connect to and help the nonprofit organizations in your community. The benefits include:

1) Payroll Contribution Is Easy

Employees pledge to donate an amount of each paycheck to the federations / nonprofits of their choice.

  • Benefits to Donors: Employees are freed from writing checks monthly to several nonprofits and can break up a significant annual gift into manageable small contributions.
  • Benefits to Charities: Nonprofits know in advance they’ll be receiving a regular gift from you and the thousands of other employees who donate. They build your gift into their budget and plan to use your donation wisely.
  • Benefit to Employers: You have the ability to increase your company’s philanthropic presence in the community with little additional cost.

2) Campaign Activities Build Teamwork and Spread Knowledge
Many workplaces plan kickoff events and presentations where employees can learn about their giving options and build teamwork through fun events and activities.

  • Benefits to Donors: Employees can bond with co-workers and have fun. If you invite the funds and federations to the event, employees get to ask their questions directly to the people who will receive their donation. This helps them discover and connect to nonprofits that they’re most interested in supporting.
  • Benefits to Charities: Charities appreciate any opportunity to connect to people, tell them their stories, and help them understand why their work is important. It also helps charities better understand the questions donors have about their programs.
  • Benefit to Employers: Campaigns are designed around the culture of your workplace and can be as high energy or as low-key as you want. Activities associated with the campaign are great resources for team building and expanding the connections between employees. It also introduces your employees to resources in their community they may not know about.

3) Many choices to reflect your diverse employee base
Multi-federation campaigns are a great way to offer a broad range of charitable options in a streamlined, easily accessible manner.

  • Benefits to Donors: Employees have the ability to give broadly supporting broad issue areas or target their giving to individual organizations. The added benefit is discovering new community resources they can take advantage of.
  • Benefits to Charities: Organizations increase their exposure to potential donors and individuals who may benefit from the resources and services they have to offer.
  • Benefit to Employers: A multi-federation campaigns allows you to increase the impact of your corporate philanthropy by being able to assist employee support of organizations not already part of a matching gift program, or part of your corporate philanthropy.

4) You’ll Hear How Contributions Are Being Used
Employees who give through the workplace campaign can have their names and contact information passed along to their chosen nonprofits so that they can receive the receipts they need for tax purposes.

  • Benefits to Donors: Most of us want to confirm that our money went where we intended, and IRS regulations around proof of charitable contributions are now more stringent. Plus, there’s no better way to make sure your contribution is working than getting a nonprofit’s newsletter and updates. Donors can always opt out of receiving additional information, yet still receive the information required for tax purposes.
  • Benefits to Charities: Charities always try to thank donors and connect a name to each gift. This is how they build communities of people who support their work and how they connect people to volunteer opportunities, thus keeping their organization’s costs low.
  • Benefit to Employers: You can extend the relationship with participating organizations beyond workplace giving to other employee involvement or education opportunities, if this meets the goals of your company.