Equality and Justice

Building social and economic equity and environmental justice

Each of us is pretty attuned to recognize injustice when we see it. We might not use that language but we do know when things aren’t fair. When one person or a group seems to get preferential treatment or, someone is discriminated against because of their age, race, ethnic background, political views, gender or sexual orientation. When it is obvious – we know it isn’t right. Because deep down we all believe everyone should be treated equally; everyone should have the same access to the benefits of our great society.

As Community Shares members work for social and economic equity, they are doing three things:

  1. Making visible those places where institutional policies aren’t being fairly applied to everyone.
  2. Giving voice to those individuals being hurt by the policies of discrimination and exclusion.
  3. Developing and implementing strategies to bring about positive change for fairness and equity.

Our work for environmental justice takes a similar approach, it focuses on:

  1. Creating awareness of the impact we have on the Earth, so that we can make personal changes to lessen our impact.
  2. Calling attention and giving voice to the communities and individuals that have suffered the impact of toxics and other environmental contaminants.
  3. Developing and implementing strategies that protect the health of the individual, the community and the world.

Community Shares USA and its member federations support over 1000 organizations at work in communities across the country. We’d like to share with you stories that make visible the injustice, give voice to the individual or community affected, and the strategies that brought about positive change for the individual or community.